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Ques:- What are the different types of Coordinations of the Master with the Detail block?
Ques:- ‘MyGov-Meri Sarkar’ portal has been launched in which state?
A. Assam
B. Haryana
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Madhya Pradesh
Ques:- How to maintain warehousing or inbound & outbound?
Ques:- What is the Default ScriptTimeOut for Server Object? A. 20 Sec B. 30 Sec C. 60 Sec D. 90 Sec
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90 seconds

Ques:- What do you meant by quality control
Ques:- What are some disadvantages are for using using cement in building a home?
Ques:- ____ influences the price in long period.
B. Supply
C. Demand
D. Consumption
Ques:- Financial year normally ends no?
A. 31 March
B. 1 April
C. 30 April
D. 31 December
Ques:- Monday falls on 20th March, 1995. What was the day of 3rd November, 1994?
A. Sunday
B. Tuesday
C. Thursday
D. Friday
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Ques:- What is the differance between an exception and an error?
Ques:- In a ternary tree which has three childs for every node, if the number of internal nodes are N then the total number of leaf nodes are
Ques:- Which of the following tasks is not controlled by one of the rc startup scripts?Choose one:a. backup users' directoriesb. run fsckc. mount filesystemsd. load modules
Ques:- What are the advantages and disadvantages of Descriptive programing and Object repository in QTP??
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1. One place where DP can be of significant importance is
when you are creating functions in an external file. You
can use these function in various actions directly,
eliminating the need of adding object(s) in object
repository for each action [If you are using per action
object repository]
2. The objects in the application are dynamic in nature and
need special handling to identify the object. The best
example would be of clicking a link which changes according
to the user of the application, Ex. “Logout <>”.
3. When object repository is getting huge due to the no. of
objects being added. If the size of Object repository
increases too much then it decreases the performance of QTP
while recognizing a object. [For QTP8.2 and below Mercury
recommends that OR size should not be greater than 1.5MB]
4. When you don’t want to use object repository at all.
Well the first question would be why not Object repository?
Consider the following scenario which would help understand
why not Object repository
Scenario 1: Suppose we have a web application that has not
been developed yet. Now QTP for recording the script and
adding the objects to repository needs the application to
be up, that would mean waiting for the application to be
deployed before we can start of with making QTP scripts.
But if we know the descriptions of the objects that will be
created then we can still start off with the script writing
for testing
Scenario 2: Suppose an application has 3 navigation buttons
on each and every page. Let the buttons be “Cancel”, “Back”
and “Next”. Now recording action on these buttons would add
3 objects per page in the repository. For a 10 page flow
this would mean 30 objects which could have been
represented just by using 3 objects. So instead of adding
these 30 objects to the repository we can just write 3
descriptions for the object and use it on any page.
5. When you want to take action on similar type of object
i.e. suppose we have 20 textboxes on the page and there
names are in the form txt_1, txt_2, txt_3 and so on. Now
adding all 20 the Object repository would not be a good
programming approach.
1. Test should aware of VB scripting knowledge.
2. The main disadvantage of Descriptive programming is
Maintenance issue.
Since Object repository will be stored in centralized
place, property definition for any Object can be easily
changed at any time if the application developer changes
the property of the actual object/control.
But, in descriptive programming (DP) it is difficult to
change the object property as each QTP developer will be
defining object property in many places using DP.

Ques:- How we can do session partition in informatica any one explain me clearly?.
Ques:- When X-rays are produced?
A. heat is generated at the target
B. the temperature of the target remains constant
C. brilliant light is seen at the target
D. heat is absorbed at the target
Ques:- How to count number of unique music titles downloaded from a log file which contains an entry of all music title downloaded?
Ques:- What is the type of signaling used between two exchanges?a) inbandb) common channel signalingc) any of the aboved) none of the above.
Ques:- CO organizational structure
Ques:- Which of the following was not a member of the ‘Holy Alliance’?
A. Russia
B. Austria
C. Prussia
D. Poland
Ques:- Windows XP ___ effortlessly.
A. Cannot handle memory errors
B. Can handle memory errors
C. Ignores memory errors
D. None

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