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Ques:- My flight takes of at 2am from a place at 18N 10E and landed 10 Hrs later at a place with coordinates 36N70W. What is the local time when my plane landed.
A. 6:00 am
B. 6:40am
C. 7:40
D. 7:00
E. 8:00
Recent Answer : Added by 9074743593 On 2021-07-29 16:19:38:

6.40 am

Ques:- The price of a candy bar is $1.00. The price of a ten pack of the same candy bar is $7.40. The ten pack of candy bars is what percentage cheaper then purchasing ten candy bars individually?
Ques:- Convert 251 decimal to base 8(i.e. octal)?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:01:28:


Ques:- Person who dicided to go to weekend trip should not exceed 8 hrs driving in a day. Average speed of forward journey is 40 miles/hour . Due to traffic in sundays ,in return journey average speed is 30mph.How far he can select a picnic spot?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:00:33:

Let the journey distance be : x miles
Now x/40+x/30=8 (time=distance/speed)
Solving this for x we get. x=960/7
therefore, x=137(approx)
(137.14 exact)

Ques:- Low temperature at the night in a city is more than 1/2 high as higher temperature are 100. Then What is low temperature
Recent Answer : Added by Sanjeev Singh kushvaha On 2021-08-06 04:58:04:


Ques:- A work is done by two people in 24 minutes. One of them alone can do it in 40 minutes. How much time will the other person wiil take to complete it
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:00:32:

60 minutes

Ques:- A car is filled with 4.5 gallons of fuel for a round trip . Car is taken 1/4 more than in going than coming up. What is the fuel consumed in coming up ?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:00:30:

Fuel to go = x + (x/4)=5x/4
Fuel to come = x
x+(5x/4) = 4.5
9x/4 = 4.5
9x = 18
x = 2 (Fuel to comeup)
Fuel to go will be:
2+(2/4) = 2 + (0.5) = 2.5

Ques:- Feasibility about travelling, Future studies plan, etc
Ques:- What all software I know and what marks at school level did i get?
Ques:- Tell me a movie story which is Your best movie..
Recent Answer : Added by Snikiwe On 2022-03-13 16:35:19:

Diary of a mad black women

Ques:- When was the last occasion that you were given an assignment to develop your mediating skills, and what was the conclusion?
Ques:- Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.
Ques:- What were your past experience ?
Ques:- Why you looking change
Ques:- What you learned from MBA
Ques:- What was the product and how far you know about your previous company product?
Ques:- If you were given a box of pencils, list 10 things you could do with them that are not their traditional use?
Ques:- In a 10 digit number, if the 1st digit number is the number of ones, 2nd digit number is the number of twos, and so on. 10th digit is the number of zeroes, then find the number
Recent Answer : Added by Raju On 2022-04-05 16:00:09:


Ques:- In a kilometer race, A beats B by 50 meters or 10 seconds. What time does A take to complete the race?
Recent Answer : Added by Mehmood On 2021-06-14 17:01:24:

200 sconds

Ques:- The number of sequences in which 7 players can throw a ball, so that the youngest player may not be the last is -.

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