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Ques:- What is the maximum size of a file that can be uploaded using PHP and how can we change this?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 11:24:33:

By default it is 2Mb. But you can change this limitation in
php.ini file.There is a variable ‘upload_max_filesize’

Ques:- Who writes the Business requirements? What you do when you have the BRD?
Ques:- September 27 is observed worldwide as
A. World Food Day
B. World Post Office Day
C. World Animal welfare Day
D. World Tourism Day
Ques:- What is the page directive is used to prevent a JSP page from automatically creating a session?
Ques:- Why cannot lambda forms in Python contain statements?
Ques:- The Earth’s annual circuit round the sun covers a distance of
A. 896 million Km
B. 996 million Km
C. 1038 million Km
D. 1098 million Km
Ques:- What is the amount of pf and esi for employee to deducted ?
Ques:- Could any one expain me how to create cascading prompts?
Ques:- About experience, achievement in work, initiatives taken, positives & negatives, interpersonal skills, change management, attitude, altitude
Ques:- Which one of the following Venn diagrams best illustrates the three classes: Rhombus, Quadrilaterals, Polygons?
A. .
C. (B) .
E. (C) .
Ques:- Who developed C language?
A. Ken Thomson
B. Peter Norton
C. Dennis Ritchie
D. Von Neuman
Ques:- Difference between RISC and CISC
Ques:- Can we concate fileds in physical file? If yes how can we do?
Ques:- What type of recordsets are available in ADO?
Ques:- What is the difference between a programmer and the developer
Ques:- Watz the difference between abstract class and interface?Which one u ill choose as a designer?
Ques:- Which is not static testing technique a.walk through b.inspection
Ques:- Given two values k1 and k2 and a root pointer to a BST. Print all numbers b/w k1 and k2 in increasing order i.e. k1<=x<=k2 where x is an element of tree.
Ques:- How to get the next ip for given ip ex: -> ex: ->
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 11:38:51:

set ip “”
set list [split $ip “.”]
set ww [lindex $list 0]
set xx [lindex $list 1]
set yy [lindex $list 2]
set zz [lindex $list 3]
if {$zz>254} {
set zz 0
incr yy
if {$yy>255} {
set yy 0
incr xx
if {$xx>255} {
set xx 0
incr ww }
if {$ww>255} {
set ww 0
}}} else {
incr zz
puts “$ww.$xx.$yy.$zz”

Ques:- Who among the following Indian rulers was a contemporary of Akbar?
A. Ahilya Bai
B. Sawai Jai Singh
C. Martanda Varma
D. Rani Durgawati

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