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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Siamang.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Siamang.

Ques:- Find the value of n the following code: int F(int n) if( n!=0& !(n&(n-1))) printf(“%d”,n) n is i. Even no ii. Odd nos iii. Non zero numbers iv. Number with power 2
Ques:- What is strategic planning?
A. Technical feasibility
B. Supervising
C. Problem identification
D. Planning operations
Ques:- What is the datatypes in java?
Ques:- What is backward compatibility in abinitio
Ques:- What is your favorite book?
Ques:- S1. Even the newsmen and spectators were not spared.
P. A homeguard in the gallery was hit on the face.
Q. They went only inches over the heads of newsmen in the press gallery.
R. Three bludgeons which are hurled missed their mark.
S. This made the scribes run helter skelter.
S6. He fell down, his bleeding eye bulging.

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Ques:- What is difference RMI registry and OSAgent?
Ques:- When rescuers arrived
(P) they had to wait several hours
(Q) before the ground was
(R) at the ruins
(S) cool enough to stand on
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Ques:- Give brief me about changeman & expidator tool.
Ques:- How you?ll convening the people if your product rate is high compare to competency?
Ques:- Its possible to give the conditions in Field Read only Field property.Ex:if condition city = chennai . its only allowed to enter the field otherwise not entered the value.
Ques:- How to convert decimal to octal and hexadecimal & binary using shift registers?
Ques:- If the rubber rod is rubbed with fur ____ charge is produced.
A. Neutral
B. Positive
C. Negative
D. No change
Ques:- At 6o’clock ,a watch strokes 6 times.The time between first and last is 30secs. At midnight 12o’ clock how much time for all strokes?
Ques:- Operations performed on vector are either posing a value into the vector (or) retriving a value from
Ques:- A spider belongs to class
A. Onychophora
B. Archinida
C. Insect
D. Myriapoda
Ques:- In oceans, oil deposits are confined to
A. Ocean Trench
B. Ocean Deep
C. Continental slope
D. Continental shelf
Ques:- What is the full form of CRT?
A. Carbon Ray Tube
B. Cabin Ray Tube
C. Cathode Ray Tube
D. Crystal Ray Tube
Ques:- If the stored record is not defined as automatic of a set, how can it be stored as a member of the set.
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