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Ques:- how many types of bytes are there???
Ques:- The Right to Vote in India is given on the basis of
A. Education
B. Age
C. Property
D. Religion
Ques:- Hardware Related
Ques:- Which area you are looking in last company
Ques:- What is ajax and how does it work?
Ques:- When did the ‘French Revolution’ outbreak?
A. 1776
B. 1786
C. 1789
D. 1794

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Ques:- What is the difference between a.Equals(b) and a == b?
Ques:- What is accounts receivable?
Ques:- The number of prime number between 0 and 100 is
A. 17
B. 25
C. 31
D. 39
Recent Answer : Added by Shidane On 2021-08-18 01:31:09:


Ques:- Can You catch the Error? 2. Difference between compiletime exception and runtime exception?3. How you throw user defined exception?4. How you handle throwable while using exceptions ?5. What are the methods available in Object ?6. Is there any methods ava
Ques:- What is EDI?
Ques:- State the differences between the Dispose() and Finalize()?
Ques:- What is admins traction?
Ques:- Transform functionalities
Ques:- What command will install the patches: 123456-01 and 123457-01 if both are located in the /just.patches directory?
Ques:- What is the use of “echo” in php?
Ques:- What are the advantages of pointers,give me programs containing variables and pointer variables?
Ques:- The Bernoulli’s theorem is
A. Mass conservation
B. Energy conservation
C. Both of these
D. none of these
Ques:- What is distortion of power amplifier? The amplifier whosedistortion is 0.02% and the one whose distortion is 0.01%,Which one is better?
Ques:- “A soldier loses his way in a thick jungle. At random he walks from his camp but mathematically in an interesting fashion. First he walks one mile East then half mile to North. Then 1/4 mile to West, then 1/8 mile to South and so on making a loop.. Finally how far he is from his camp and in which direction. ..”
Recent Answer : Added by Harsh Shah On 2021-07-22 15:55:58:

Soldier have to move 0.75 miles to West and then 0.375 miles to South to reach the camp.
Firstly soldier moving 1 mile to East from camp and then 1/2 miles= 0.50 miles to North .

Then it is moving 1/4 miles =0.25 miles to west
And then 1/8 miles =0.125 miles to South

Now we just have to count the difference and minus the value of camp to East with the value of North to west = 1mile – 0.25miles(1/4) = 0.75 miles

Same case with north and south = 0.50 miles(1/2) – 0.125 miles(1/8) = 0.375 miles

Hence proves to return camp the soldier have to move 0.75 miles to west and 0.375 miles to south

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