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Find best Interview questions and answer for Nyserda Job. Some people added Nyserda interview Questions in our Website. Check now and Prepare for your job interview. Interview questions are useful to attend job interviews and get shortlisted for job position. Find best Nyserda Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and experienced. These questions can surely help in preparing for Nyserda interview or job.

This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Nyserda.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Nyserda.

Ques:- Diff between test plan and test strategy?
Ques:- What is the BEST-WORST case time to add and remove elements from a queue that has been implemented with the help of 2 stacks.
Ques:- What is RPA?
Ques:- Tell the difference between retail invoice and cash receipt? Can retail invoice be considered as cash receipt?
Ques:- What is ORA-1555?
Ques:- Diff. between wait st. and synchornization?
Ques:- What is a helper in codeigniter? How can a helper file be loaded?
Ques:- What is article Metadata?
Ques:- Why we maintain bank reconciliation statement?
Ques:- In qtp we ve database table look like excel how can i link this excel sheet with outside the qtp excel sheet
Ques:- Where is silicon chips manufactured in India?
A. Tamil Nadu
B. U.P.
C. Chandigarh
D. Punjab
Ques:- what is a dataset
Ques:- How to join two tables without using the Joiner Transformation?
Ques:- why bank gives loans
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 11:46:02:

To provide financial help to the people and to enhance their business( in terms of interest repayment). stimulates the peoples to became a Entrepreneur.

Ques:- What is clustering?
Ques:- What are the special cables required for explosion proof wiring?
Ques:- The doctor had examined him.
A. He was examined by the doctor.
B. He has been examined by the doctor.
C. He had been examined by the doctor.
D. None of these
Ques:- What is the meaning of Scrap Value in accounting?
Ques:- With a CD you can _____
A. Read
B. Write
C. Both Read and Write
D. Neither Read nor Write
Ques:- When do we choose random numbers in qtp?

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