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Ques:- When installing _____, the user must copy and usually decompress program files from a CD-ROM or other medium to the hard disk.
A. application software
B. application hardware
C. programming software
D. system hardware
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-11-14 18:22:56:

A. application software

Ques:- If it takes five minutes to boil one egg, how long will it take to boil four eggs?
Ques:- Will the AWS Toolkit add support for other services?
Ques:- How django works ?
Ques:- The hardest non metal is
A. Diamond
B. Sodium
C. Sulphur
D. Potassium
Ques:- You have joined your present company just 6 months back . What is the reason you are looking for in a new opportunity?
Ques:- Wat is Bottle Neck testing
Ques:- Building Quotation engine program
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 11:28:14:

BusinessLayer –> QuoteEngine.cs
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using TravelInsuranceQuote.DataLayer;
namespace TravelInsuranceQuote.BusinessLayer
public class QuoteEngine
public double GetBasePremium(TripType tripType)
double basePremium = 0;
switch (tripType)
case TripType.Single:
basePremium = 20.00;
case TripType.Annual:
basePremium = 80.00;
return basePremium;
public double GetAgeRating(int age)
if (age <= 18) { return 1.2; } else if (age <= 45) { return 1.0; } else if (age <= 55) { return 1.2; } else if (age <= 65) { return 1.8; } else if (age <= 70) { return 2.0; } return 0; } public double GetSexRating(Sex sex) { double sexRating = 0; switch (sex) { case Sex.Male: sexRating = 1.2; break; case Sex.Female: sexRating = 0.9; break; } return sexRating; } public double GetDestinationRating(Destination destination) { double destinationRating = 0; switch (destination) { case Destination.UK: destinationRating = 0.6; break; case Destination.Europe: destinationRating = 1.0; break; case Destination.Worldwide: destinationRating = 1.4; break; } return destinationRating; } public double GetTravelPeriodRating(int days) { if (days <= 7) { return 0.5; } else if (days <= 14) { return 0.9; } else if (days <= 30) { return 1.2; } return 0; } public double[] GetUpdatedPremium(double premium, double rate) { var updatedPremium = new double[2]; updatedPremium[0] = Math.Round((premium * rate), 2); updatedPremium[1] = Math.Round((updatedPremium[0] - premium), 2); return updatedPremium; } public CustomerPremium GetPremium(Customer customer, out string reason) { var customerPremium = new CustomerPremium(); customerPremium.Base = GetBasePremium(customer.TripType); var ageRating = GetAgeRating(customer.Age); if (ageRating == 0) { reason = "Age"; return null; } customerPremium.Age = GetUpdatedPremium(customerPremium.Base, ageRating); var sexRating = GetSexRating(customer.Sex); customerPremium.Sex = GetUpdatedPremium(customerPremium.Age[0], sexRating); var destinationRating = GetDestinationRating(customer.Destination); customerPremium.Destination = GetUpdatedPremium(customerPremium.Sex[0], destinationRating); var travelPeriodRating = GetTravelPeriodRating(customer.TravelPeriod); if (travelPeriodRating == 0) { reason = "TravelPeriod"; return null; } customerPremium.TravelPeriod = GetUpdatedPremium(customerPremium.Destination[0], travelPeriodRating); customerPremium.Tax = GetUpdatedPremium(customerPremium.TravelPeriod[0], 1.05); customerPremium.Total = customerPremium.Tax[0]; reason = string.Empty; return customerPremium; } } }

Ques:- Lumen is the unit of
A. Luminous flux
B. Luminous intensity
C. Both
D. None of these
Ques:- There is a family party consisting of two fathers, two mothers, two sons, one father-in-law, one mother-in-law, one daughter-in-law, one grandfather, one grandmother and one grandson. What is the minimum number of persons required so that this is possible?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 11:53:32:

There are total 2 couples and a son. Grandfather and Grand
mother, their son and his wife and again their son. So total
5 people.
Grandfather, Grandmother
Son, wife

Ques:- what is the work of 1tier,2tier,&ntier? Plz Explain it!
Ques:- How to Determine minor version number?
Ques:- What is IGMP protocols?
Ques:- Find out the wrong number in each sequence:
8, 13, 21, 32, 47, 63, 83
A. 32
B. 47
C. 63
D. 83
Recent Answer : Added by A.Madhav On 2022-01-08 16:06:20:

47 is answer by consecutive adding of

Ques:- who is the current cheif of army staff
Ques:- Which has more losses, AC or DC??
Ques:- Which Design patterns you have used.I said Decorator,Factory,Singleton.Then he asked about Decorator design pattern
Ques:- What is domain controller?
Ques:- Do you have diving license?
Ques:- MODVAT refers to
A. Property tax
B. Excise Duty
C. House Tax
D. Education Policy

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