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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Nagarro.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Nagarro.

Ques:- Complete the following series.
9, 11, 15, 23, 39, ?
A. 42
B. 56
C. 64
D. 71
Recent Answer : Added by Aakash P S On 2022-08-24 17:03:41:


Ques:- In a class of 40 students, 24 students speak Hindi and 20 students speak Kannada. Eight students speak none of the two languages. How many students speak both Hindi and Kannada?
Recent Answer : Added by kawooya Alex On 2021-10-07 15:41:29:


Ques:- There are some houses in a street back to back .And they that house behind 10 was 23. How many houses in the street?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:02:13:


Ques:- Grass in lawn grows equally thick and in a uniform rate. It takes 24 days for 70 cows and 60 days for 30 cows to eat the whole of the grass. How many cows are needed to eat the grass in 96 days?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:01:01:

Use 3pt. Formula
( (x-x1)/(x2-x1) )=( (y-y1)/(y2-y1) )
We get 150

Ques:- one rectangular plate with length 8inches,breadth 11 inches and 2 inches thickness is there.what is the length of the circular rod with diameter 8 inches and equal to volume of rectangular plate?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:00:39:

volume of cylinder=volume of plane
SO h= length=176/16*pi
ANser is 44pi

Ques:- (root 200) – (root 50) =?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:00:01:


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Ques:- There are two urns A and B and an equal number of red balls and blue balls.How do u place the balls in the urns such that the probability of picking up the red ball is greater?
Ques:- Given n distinct points prove that for all k,0
Ques:- What is the capital of india
Ques:- ?should India breakup the friendly ties with Pakistan?.
Ques:- If there are 1024*1280 pixels on a screen and each pixel can have around 16 million colors. Find the memory required for this?
Ques:- Very bad handling in terms of interview comers
Ques:- About the work experience and job profile handled.
Ques:- J query and javascript
Ques:- OSI layers model and function of each layer?
Ques:- Two trains running in opposite directions cross a man standing on the platform in 27 seconds and 17 seconds respectively and they cross each other in 23 seconds. The ratio of their speeds is:
Ques:- What will be the ratio of simple interest earned by certain amount at the same rate of interest for 6 years and that for 9 years?
Recent Answer : Added by Felipe On 2021-12-17 16:08:28:

Let the principal be P and rate of interest be R%.
Therefore Required ratio


Ques:- 15 people entered a theater before Sujit. 7 people entered the theater between Sujit and Suraj and 20 people entered the theater after Suraj. If Suraj entered the theater before Sujit then how many people are there in the theater?
Ques:- Two trains are moving at 50 kmph and 70 kmph in opposite directions. Their lengths are 150 m and 100 m respectively. The time they will take to pass each other completely is?
Recent Answer : Added by Meher Teja On 2021-03-02 17:09:36:


Ques:- What motivates you to do good job?
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