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Ques:- Which of the following terminals output most closely resembles the output produced by a plotter?
A. Hardcopy terminal
B. POS terminal
C. Graphics terminal
D. All the above
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Ques:- Can we define constructors in Servlet?
Ques:- Java declaration statement must end with
A. a semicolon
B. full stop
C. comma
D. a colon
Ques:- Including the Chairperson the National Human Rights Commission consists of ____
A. 4 members
B. 5 members
C. 6 members
D. 7 members
Ques:- How to map requirements to test cases
Ques:- Main(){char *a = “Hello “;char *b = “World”;clrscr();printf(“%s”, strcat(a,b));}
Ques:- Is stateless Sessiob bean create() method contains any parameters
Ques:- What is Tracebelity Matrix?
Ques:- The unit of work is ___
A. Second
B. Joule
C. Metre
D. Watt
Ques:- Gautama Buddha was elevated to the position of God by the time of
A. Ashoka
B. Kanishka
C. Chandragupta Vikramaditya
D. Harsha
Ques:- The largest democratic country in the world is __
A. India
B. Germany
C. U.S.A
D. England
Ques:- Why aren’t there any social bluetooth apps?
Ques:- What Is mean Median Mode in stastistics Acconting ?
Ques:- German scientists developed a new App to find lost things called
A. Find lost goods
B. Find my things
C. Find my goods
D. Find my stuff
Ques:- Statement :
A man must be wise to be a good wrangler. Good wranglers are talkactive and boring.
Conclusions :
I. All the wise persons are boring.
II. All the wise persons are good wranglers.
A. if only conclusion I follows
B. if only conclusion II follows
C. if either I and II follows
D. if neither I nor II follows and
E. if both I and II follow
Ques:- What is early watch report?
Ques:- How do you plan test automation?
Ques:- If the capacitor bank is installed in switchyard say132/22kv then on LT side say 22kv/0.433kv is it necessary toinstall capacitor bank for maintaining power factor. if pfis maintained on HT side then will that be maintained on LTside as well.if not then how&why??????/ pleaseexplain………..

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