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Ques:- File status 00 is checked after opening the file or reading the file
Ques:- The secret code that gives you access to some ____
A. help
B. password
C. cue
D. clue
Ques:- Butter is
A. A molecular solid
B. A super cooled oil
C. An emulsion
D. None of the above
Ques:- What is write back and write through caches?
Ques:- Which of the ISRO satellite sent first pictures of earth on 22nd 2013?
A. Mars orbiter
B. Chandrayan-I
C. Mars orbiter-I
D. None of these
Ques:- Would like to know how to learn basic instruction on how to use Excel?
Ques:- Link encryption
A. Is used only to detect errors
B. Cannot be used in a large network
C. Is less secure than end-to-end encryption
D. Is more secure than end-to-end encryption
Ques:- Which country occupies the first place in India’s foreign trade?
C. Japan
D. Russia
Ques:- What will return case null = null ?
Ques:- Difference between various BDC method.Which is the best one?
Ques:- Do you have any blind spots?
Ques:- If you change Windows 98 to Windows XP, you are actually performing _____
A. Upgrade
B. Update
C. Patch
D. Upstart
Ques:- GD&T and Their use in drawings
Ques:- What are the different kinds of loops available in shell script
Ques:- How can we create VPN to connect to branch office of the same office. What would be the preliminary requirement?
Ques:- A computer assisted method for the recording and analyzing of existing or hypothetical system is
A. Data processing
B. Data capture
C. Data flow
D. Data transmission
Recent Answer : Added by narendra On 2022-09-18 09:01:12:

(c) Data flow

Ques:- Which noble gas was discovered in chromosphere of the sun?
A. Radon
B. Xenon
C. Neon
D. Helium
Ques:- Programs designed specifically to address general purpose applications and special-purpose applications are called
A. Management information systems
B. Application software
C. System software
D. Operating system
Ques:- What are the interruption scenarios while video is download into iPad devices ?
Ques:- How do you find out your own username?

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