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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Limestone district school board.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Limestone district school board.

Ques:- Find out the wrong number in the series:
125, 106, 88, 76, 65, 58, 53
A. 65
B. 76
C. 88
D. 106
Recent Answer : Added by Abhay singh On 2022-05-17 08:56:47:


Ques:- 2435 ? 24 = 24?
A. 2.5
B. 3.5
C. 2
D. 3
E. None of these
Recent Answer : Added by NITISH KUMAR On 2021-08-11 07:22:47:

but how?

Ques:- When an object like cube or sphere is seen along x,y,z,axes we get the same.Apart from these suggest another which has similar characteristics?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:01:27:

Triangular Prism

Ques:- On cutting which solid parabola would be generated
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:01:12:

A parabola is obtained as the intersection of a cone with a

Ques:- fridge cost R Rs,cover value is 5,discount d% then its new cost?
Recent Answer : Added by DK BOSS On 2021-07-17 06:23:19:


Ques:- Six persons A,B,C,D,E & F went to solider cinema. There are six consecutive seats. A sits in one of the seats followed by B, followed by C and soon. If a taken one of the six seats , then B should sit adjacent to A. C should sit adjacent A or B. D should sit adjacent to A, B,or C and soon. How many possibilities are there?

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Ques:- Delhi University has conferred an honorary doctorate degree for the first time on a film personality. Who is that film personality ?
Ques:- You have to draw 3 concentric circles with a line passing through their center without lifting hand.
Recent Answer : Added by rishabh On 2021-05-06 12:40:57:

just will draw the line first and then draw three concentric circles

Ques:- How many regions (open or closed) can n straight lines give at the maximum?
Ques:- Are you familiar with collaboration tools? Whichcommunication method do you prefer for talk, email and chat?
Ques:- What is personally fascinating about the areas of your job in which you wish to expand your knowledge?
Ques:- Please tell about him self
Ques:- Are you able to work in any shifts?
Ques:- Are you happy with your career-to-date?
Ques:- Although I am dark, but I only exist when there is light. Who am I ?
Recent Answer : Added by PRUTHVI On 2021-09-22 16:56:23:


Ques:- By what % the cost of milk is increased because of inflation in December, if in October price is 30 and in next January it is 35?
Ques:- Raman ranks sixteenth from the top and forty ninth from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class ?
Ques:- A property decreases in value every year at the rate of 6 1/4% of its value at the beginning of the year its value at the end of 3 years was Rs.21093. Find its value at the beginning of the first year?
Ques:- If in a certain language, COUNSEL is coded as BITIRAK, how is GUIDANCE written in that code ?
Recent Answer : Added by Avanti On 2021-06-09 16:17:08:


Ques:- Where would you be in five years from now?
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