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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the JSS University.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at JSS University.

Ques:- What are limitations of Ajax?
Ques:- If POND is coded as RSTL, how is HEAR written in that code?
Ques:- What type of recruitments are available?
Ques:- What are insurance items?
Ques:- How can we track views for a particular component on a website?
Ques:- Where can I find a list of known bugs in VSS?
Ques:- CDs are of which shape?
A. Information
B. Round
C. Rectangular
D. Square
Ques:- Arrange the folowwing in a chronological order. A.Kheda Satyagraha B. Dandi March. C. Non Co-eopration Movement D Civil Disobedience Movement
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Ques:- What are actions and directives in jsp?
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<%page %>
<%include %>
<%taglib %>
<% = %> -> Expression tag
<% %> -> Scriplet Tag for all java codes
<%! %> – > Declaration tag
<%-- %> -> Comment Tag

Ques:- You are provided with a max heap of 'n' elements with a number 'x' and 'k'…You have to find whether 'k' elements in heap are greater than 'x' or not?? Time Complexity should be O(k)
Ques:- Do you consider yourself to be thoughtful, analytical or do you usually make up your mind fast? Give an example. (Watch time taken to respond)
Ques:- How many sub pages, secondary pages can be created in one level.
Ques:- All the following are Fundamental Rights Guaranteed by the Indian constitution except
A. Right to equality
B. Right against exploitation
C. Right to freedom of religion
D. Right to adequate means of livelihood
Ques:- What modifiers may be used with an interface declaration?
Ques:- What is meant by tracking of asset?
Ques:- Will H-1B visa norm regulations prompt big companies to invest more in local economies?
Ques:- I want control the field status for chart of accounts segment.is it possible tell me the path and t.code
Ques:- If the 3 digit number AB9 is a perfect square then is A an odd digit?
Recent Answer : Added by Shitoshe Wangatia On 2021-12-11 15:07:15:

A perfect square is a square number of a digit. eg 64 is a perfect number, a square of 8
Now digits AB9 is a square number of a number.
AB9 Can also be written as A multiply by B multiply by 9
Get the Square root of AB9
Assumption, A=1, B=1
1*1=1=A, 1*1=1=B Therefore,
Square root of A = A, B = B and 9=3
An odd number is a number indivisible by 2.
for example 1,3,5,7…….
Therefore Squares A*B*9= AB9
Where a=1, b=1, 3 as digits.
A=1 is an odd number

Ques:- Choose the statement that is not true. Direct-path load a. Disables insert triggers on the table and enables them after the load completes. b. Disables referential integrity constraints and enables them after the load completes. c. Disables unique const
Ques:- What is object Repository ?Explain different types of Object Repositories?

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