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Ques:- Insert the missing number:
8, 7, 11, 12, 14, 17, 17, 22, (…..)
A. 20
B. 22
C. 24
D. 27
Recent Answer : Added by Swapnil On 2022-11-24 16:55:31:


Ques:- Lethargic : Vital :: Trite : ?
A. Unique
B. Slug
C. Lazy
D. Skinny
Recent Answer : Added by keerthi On 2021-07-22 15:55:54:


Ques:- 100 glasses are there. A servant has to supply glasses to a person If he supplies the glasses without any damage he will get 3 paise otherwise he will loose 3 paise. At the end of supplying 100 glasses if he gets 270 paise, how many glasses were supplied safely.
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:02:10:

Suppose that x glassses are supplied safely , therefore
(100-x) glases are damage. Then equation is :
3x – 3(100-x) = 270
on solving this equation value of x comes out to be 95.

Ques:- Given N students, find the number of ways the students could be ranked. Also one or more students can have ties and can have the same ranks.
Ques:- Tell about yourself and you careers?
Ques:- What do you look for in a job?

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Ques:- Two candles of equal lengths and of different thickness are there. The thicker one will last of six hours. The thinner 2 hours less than the thicker one. Ramesh light the two candles at the same time. When he went to bed he saw the thicker one is twice the length of the thinner one. For how long did Ramesh lit two candles ?please describe full description
Recent Answer : Added by nandy On 2022-10-17 15:57:45:


Ques:- Do you think you are overqualified for this position?
Ques:- When you feel that a team is working efficiently, except for the fact that one member is clearly not pulling their weight? What steps will you take?
Ques:- Tell us something about your past working experience?
Ques:- Do you work well under pressure?
Ques:- HR round- tell be abt urself
Ques:- How do u write 6th may 2011 in 5 letters without using number??
Ques:- What things give you the greatest satisfaction at work?
Ques:- In a 10 digit number, if the 1st digit number is the number of ones, 2nd digit number is the number of twos, and so on. 10th digit is the number of zeroes, then find the number
Recent Answer : Added by Raju On 2022-04-05 16:00:09:


Ques:- Two pipes X and Y can separately fill a tank in 2 minutes and 15 minutes respectively. Both the pipes are opened together but 4 minutes after the start the pipe X is turned off. How much time will it take to fill the tank?
Ques:- An article is bought for Rs.675 and sold for Rs.900, find the gain percent?
Recent Answer : Added by Bala On 2022-09-22 16:40:04:


Gain =selling price-cost price =900-675

Ques:- A circular path of 13 m radius has marginal walk 2 m wide all round it. Find the cost of leveling the walk at 25p per m2?
Ques:- Pavan travelled for 11 hours. He covered the first half of the distance at 30 kmph and remaining half of the distance at 25 kmph. Find the distance travelled by Pavan.
Ques:- In how many years does a sum of Rs. 5000 yield a simple interest of Rs. 16500 at 15% p.a.?
Recent Answer : Added by Karthiga On 2022-03-09 16:30:43:

Principle Amount(P):₹5000
Rate of Interest(R):15%

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