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Ques:- What We doing
Ques:- Which of the following is/are GUI based operating system?
A. Windows Vista
B. Window 3.1
Ques:- Which cloud is known as high cloud?
A. Greenland
B. Cuba
C. Cirrus
D. Stratus
Ques:- Compare Error Detection and Error Correction:
Ques:- Acid rain is caused due to air pollution by
A. Nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Carbon monoxide
D. Methane
Ques:- If a liquid is heated in space under no gravity, the transfer of heat will take place by process of
A. Cannot be heated in the absence of gravity
B. Radiation
C. Convection
D. Conduction
Ques:- Who will create the object?
Ques:- In a window, at the top is the _____, immediately below it is the _____
A. Toolbar, Titlebar
B. Titlebar, Toolbar
C. Titlebar, Menubar
D. Menubar, Titlebar
Ques:- What is a URL?
Ques:- How I can convert Server Jobs into Parallel Jobs?
Ques:- What is FREEPAGE and PCTFREE in TABLESPACE creation?
Ques:- Which is the best definition of a software package?
A. The box, manual and license agreement that accompany commercial software
B. A protection you can buy for a computer
C. A set of computer programs used for a certain function such as word processing
D. An add on for your computer such as additional memory
Ques:- In Java, You can create a String object as:String str = “abc”; &String str = new String(“abc”);Why cant a button object be created as : Button bt = “abc”Why is it compulsory to create a button object as: Button bt = new Button(“abc”);Why is this not compulsory in String's case?
Ques:- We have a text editor application where we can choose 1)between 100s of different fonts like arial, calibri, etc.. 2)different text sizes 3) different formatting such as bold, Italics, regular, etc..
Ques:- RAM is also called as
A. Virtual memory
B. Volatile memory
C. Non volatile memory
D. Cache memory
Ques:- JPEG is an acronym for
A. Joint Photographic Experts Environmental Group
B. Joint Photographic Experimental Group
C. Joint Photographers Experts Group
D. Joint Philosophical Experts Group
Recent Answer : Added by ram On 2022-01-16 17:19:17:

c, Join photogrphy experts group

Ques:- how to create a moving div?
Ques:- Who is regarded as father of modern botany?
A. Whittaker
B. Linnaeus
C. Darwin
D. Robertson
Ques:- What is Exception Handling in PHP?
Ques:- Is it possible to send email messages using JMS ?

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