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Ques:- A rich man died. In his will, he has divided his gold coins among his 5 sons, 5 daughters and a manager. According to his will: First give one coin to manager. 1/5th of the remaining to the elder son.Now give one coin to the manager and 1/5th of the remaining to second son and so on….. After giving coins to 5th son, divided the remaining coins among five daughters equally.All should get full coins. Find the minimum number of coins he has?
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Answer: 3121 gold coins
Let total no of coins be M
Let the disbursement D to each son:

D1 = 1 + (M – 1)/5 = (M + 4)/5
D2 = 1 + ( M – D1 -1)/5 = (D1) * 4/5
D3= (D2) * 4/5
D4= (D3) * 4/5
D5= (D4) * 4/5
Total disbursements to sons=
= ∑D= (M+4)*1/5[ 1+4/5+(4/5)(4/5)+ (4/5)(4/5)(4/5)+(4/5)(4/5)(4/5)(4/5) ]
= (2101/3125)*(M+4)
Thus balance left for daughters =M-{(2101/3125)*(M+4)}
This balance should be a positive integer ( assuming M and all disbursements are full coins )
Thus 1024M-8404 should be a multiple of 3125….so….
1024M – 8404 = N*3125 where N is an integer
Using Python code:
n=int(input(“Enter num n: “))
X=’ ‘
for a in range(0,n+1):
X= (3125*a + 8404)/1024
if (3125*a + 8404)% 1024== 0:
Enter num n: 10000
3121.0 1020
6246.0 2044
9371.0 3068
12496.0 4092
15621.0 5116
18746.0 6140
21871.0 7164
24996.0 8188
28121.0 9212
We get minimum value of N = 1021 and M = 3121 gold coins

Ques:- Find out the wrong number in a given series.
445, 221, 109, 46, 25, 11, 4
A. 11
B. 25
C. 46
D. 109
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Ques:- If a cow produces its first she-calf at age two years and after that produces another single she-calf every year, how many she-calves are there after 12 years? assuming none die.
Ques:- What is the GDP growth of India?
Ques:- Rayon is also known as?(a) Artificial Silk (b) Superfine Silk (c) Superfine Cotton(d) Blended Cotton
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Artificial silk

Ques:- What is the least number which when divided by 8, 12, 18 and 24 leaves the remainders 4, 8, 14 and 20 respectively?
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68 is the least number when divided by 8, 12, 18 and 24 leaves the remainders 4, 8, 14 and 20

Ques:- Are you willing to change your role and profile when required for a project?
Ques:- The product of two numbers is 120 and the sum of their squares is 289. The sum of the number is?
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23. 15s squre is 225and 8 squre is 64 addition is 289 product also 120 addition 15+8=23

Ques:- Family and other people
Ques:- Find out the wrong number in a given series.
124, 133, 142, 152, 160
A. 133
B. 142
C. 152
D. 160
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2 minuts the speed ofthe train

Ques:- A person wants to buy 3 paise and 5 paise stamps costing exactly one rupee. If he buys which of the following number of stamps he won't able to buy 3 paise stamps.
Ques:- Your fab sub, project work during education?
Ques:- A single discount equivalent to the discount series of 20%, 10% and 5% is?
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100-68.4= 31.6%

Ques:- A leak in the bottom of a tank can empty the full tank in 6 hours. An inlet pipe fills water at the rate of 4 liters per minute. When the tank is full in inlet is opened and due to the leak the tank is empties in 8 hours. The capacity of the tank is?
Ques:- Exploring capability to manage multiple projects and provide recommendations
Ques:- Three pipes of same capacity can fill a tank in 8 hours. If there are only two pipes of same capacity, the tank can be filled in?
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3×8=24=2xt ===> t=12hours

Ques:- Which person you admire most in your family and why?
Ques:- Explain a recent mistake. What did you learn from it and in what areas can you utilize that knowledge in the future?
Ques:- Tell you about a time when you failled to meet a deadlinewhat were the repercussions?
Ques:- How many members in your family?
Ques:- Your interested in fmcg but why do you choose insurance sector
Ques:- A certain number of men can finish a piece of work in 10 days. If however there were 10 men less it will take 10 days more for the work to be finished. How many men were there originally?
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Let the no. of men (originally) be x.
x no. of men require 10 days.

if however there were 10 men less it will take 10 days more for the work to be finished. ——> means x-10 men require 10+10=20 days.

10x = 20 (x-10)
x = 2x -20 => x = 20.

Ques:- Give me an instance of when you finished very critical task
Ques:- Draw and explain the TS and HS diagram of Rankine cycle?
Ques:- When Arthur is as old as his father Hailey is now, he shall be 5 times as old as his son Clarke is now. By then, Clarke will be 8 times older than Arthur is now. The combined ages of Hailey and Arthur are 100 years. How old is Clarke?
Recent Answer : Added by Stephanie Brewer On 2022-01-08 16:07:12:

Clarke is 80 years old

Ques:- How long have you been here and how many years have you worked in UAE?
Ques:- How many years expirence in administration
Ques:- My qualification
Ques:- How big will an angle of one and a half degree look through a glass that magnifies things three times?
Ques:- Due to fog, airplanes were unable to land and were circling the airport. Few airplanes are about to run out of fuel, what are the short term and long term measures you will take ?

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