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Ques:- A clock takes 9 seconds to strike 4 times. In order to strike 12 times at the same rate, the time taken is
A. 27 seconds
B. 29 seconds
C. 33 seconds
D. 36 seconds
Recent Answer : Added by Mad On 2021-11-22 17:29:36:

9 sec=4 times
x sec=12 times
x=(9*12)/4=27 sec

Ques:- A man has given Rs. 300000 as loan. He lent some of his capital to Ajay at an interest rate of 20% per annum and the rest to Ramesh at an interest rate of 12% per annum. At the end of one year, he got 17% of his capital as interest. How much did he lend to Ajay?
A. Rs. 120000
B. Rs. 140000
C. Rs. 160000
D. Rs. 187500
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-09-25 04:13:43:

D. Rs. 187500

Ques:- The next number in the series 0, 7, 26, 63 is
A. 124
B. 148
C. 195
D. 255
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:03:19:

( A ) 124

Ques:- Which is the biggest mistake of your life and what did you learn from that?
Ques:- Jarius and Kylar are playing the game. If Jarius wins, then he wins twice as many games as Kylar. If Jarius loses, then Kylar wins as the same number of games that Jarius wins. How many do Jarius and Kylar play before this match?
Recent Answer : Added by sk On 2022-08-14 16:41:57:

5 (3+2)
if he wins then it becomes 4 double than 2
and if looses then opponent becomes 3 which is equal.

Ques:- You are given 8 identical balls …. but one of them is slightly heavier than the rest…. given a old scale (not electronic one) and only two trials to weigh … can u spot the odd one out????
Ques:- Which do you prefer:Fame or money?
Ques:- What is management round in the interview section
Ques:- When you have been told, or discovered for yourself, a problem in your job performance, what have you typically done? Can you give me an example?
Ques:- What will you if you don't get the job?
Ques:- What are the steps that you will take for the development of the company?
Ques:- What is your professional goal?
Ques:- What are the qualities do u have to give 50% hike?
Ques:- The Chairman of the recently constituted National Knowledge Commission
Ques:- Tell me about your academic achievement ?
Ques:- A number exceeds by 25 from its 3/8 part. Then What is the number ?
Recent Answer : Added by Keshav Kumar On 2021-08-15 14:42:41:


Ques:- How long does a train 110 m long traveling at 60 kmph takes to cross a bridge of 170 m in length?
Recent Answer : Added by Abi On 2021-07-19 18:31:45:

16.8 sec

Ques:- The average of five results is 46 and that of the first four is 45. The fifth result is?
Recent Answer : Added by Lani On 2021-09-28 17:28:16:

x- sum of first 4 values
y – 5th value

x/4 = 45

(x+y)/5 = 46

Ques:- The average of the marks of 12 students in a class is 36. If the marks of each student are doubled, find the new average?
Ques:- The post office is to the east of the school while my house is to the south of the school. The market is to the north of the post office. If the distance of the market from the post office is equal to the distance of my house from the school, in which direction is the market with respect to my school?
Recent Answer : Added by Shraddha On 2020-07-29 09:50:35:


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