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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Galaxy Surfactant.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Galaxy Surfactant.

Ques:- Find out the wrong number in the series:
4, 9, 16, 25, 32, 49
A. 16
B. 25
C. 32
D. 49
Recent Answer : Added by Enyonam Dora On 2023-06-12 13:05:40:

Please explain to me why the answer is C. Thank you

Ques:- A circle is inscribed in a Triangle of side 6cm. What is the area of circle?
Recent Answer : Added by ankita On 2022-08-14 16:34:24:

27 root 3

Ques:- How many cars are there in the USA?
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:01:36:

if it is for MIcrosoft Interview Question, I sure they will
give you the job if you answer, “Google it”.

Ques:- Respected sir/madam, i have to face the bank po interview for the first time. i want to know whether i can converse in hindi at the interview as i can not communicate well in english. thanks.
Ques:- Given n people live in n houses and at some instant all of them disappear and reappear in some other house. What is the probability that no two meet each other.
Ques:- Which is most unforgattable movement in ur life?
Recent Answer : Added by SOMASKANDHAN V On 2022-09-22 16:39:29:

Reading your question

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Ques:- In june a baseball team that played 60 games had won 30% of its game played. After a phenomenal winning streak this team raised its average to 50% .How many games must the team have won in a row to attain this average?
Ques:- What are your career plans?
Ques:- In near future would you be willing to manage a branch office? If no, why not?
Ques:- What was the role of Lord Canning in the revolution of 1857.
Ques:- What benefits you can provide
Ques:- Do you have knowledge on finance domain?
Ques:- Are you able to work in any shifts?
Ques:- Why are you looking for change
Ques:- Draw your selling skills and technique?
Ques:- What do you enjoy most about your current/last job?
Ques:- A man can row three-quarters of a kilometre against the stream in (11 + 1/4)Minutes and down the stream in (7 + 1/2) Minutes. The speed (in km/hr) of the man in still water is:
Ques:- A merchant has three different types of milk: 435 liters, 493 liters and 551 liters. Find the least number of casks of equal size required to store all the milk without mixing.
Ques:- 125 : 343 :: 343 : __
Recent Answer : Added by Shweta Rathore On 2023-04-18 12:08:58:


Ques:- Do you know anyone who works for us?
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