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Ques:- Bird : Fly : : Snake : ?
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( C ) Crawl

Ques:- Regarding Work, Experience, Education.
Ques:- . The first muslim invader in India was(1) Changez Khan(2) Muhammad Ghori(3) Muhammad of Ghazni(4) Muhammad-bin-Qasim
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Mohammad Gauri

Ques:- Rich man keeps me in the pocket, Poor man throws me away, Kids eat me. The answer is –u–e–l (a 9 letter word). Find the word
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Ques:- Two trains running in opposite directions cross a man standing on the platform in 27 seconds and 17 seconds respectively and they cross each other in 23 seconds. The ratio of their speeds is:
Ques:- In a Bag the ratio of the no. of white balls to black balls is 1:2. If 9 grey balls are added the ratio of nos. of white, black and grey become 2:4:3. What is the number of black balls in the bag?
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Ques:- How amny times u met ur P.M?(In P.M)
Ques:- in base representation for a rupee 100 paise,then base 8 representation what is rupee value .
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Ques:- 6 x 3 (3 – 1) is equal to
A. 19
B. 20
C. 36
D. 53
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Ques:- How do u maintain a mobile store with ur team members
Ques:- About my self, regarding customer service.
Ques:- Three thives were caught stealing sheep, mule and camel. A says ” B had stolen sheep ” C says ” B had stolen mule” B says he had stolen nothing. the one who had stolen horse is speaking truth.the one who had stolen camel is lying . Tell who had stolen what? give the steps …
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Had is correct ! Anil went in right direction but ended up
with wrong answers
Soln: B lied ( see anil’s comment ) which implies B has not
stolen mule. So B could steal camel or sheep.
1) Lets assume B stole camel.
In that case, A lies ( refer – A says “B had stolen sheep”
), which implies A had stolen sheep ( becoz a lier cant
steal mule ). So A->sheep B->camel C->mule. But this cant
happen because C cant lie ( refer – C says ” B had stolen
mule” ).
2) Lets assume B stole sheep.
In that case, A is true ( refer – A says “B had stolen
sheep” ), which implies A had stolen mule. So A->Mule
B->Sheep C->camel. Here C lies ( refer – C says ” B had
stolen mule” )
SO ANS: answer A- mule, B-sheep, C camel

Ques:- Are you ready to relocate with your immediate family to United States as a new employee?
Ques:- Arrange these 13 Alphabets into 3 Love Words?
Ques:- What drives you in your professional life?
Ques:- 20 reasons for why I should hire you
Ques:- Personal Details , Salary negotiations , Sales related
Ques:- What should i say if anybody ask me to say about me which is not in my resume.
Ques:- a train is moving at speed of 25 kmph , another train moving the same direction at a speed of 49 kmph crossed a man in the first train in 10 sec ? wht is the length of the second train ?
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Relative velocity of trains = 49kmph -25 kmph = 24kmph
Time taken to cross the first train = 10 sec
Length of the second train = Relative Velocity * Time taken
to cross the first Train = 6.67 *10 = 66.7 metres

Ques:- In a game of billiards, A can give B 20 points in 60 and he can give C 30 points in 60. How many points can B give C in a game of 100?
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Ques:- From 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM it rained 2.25 inches. At 11:00 AM the rain increased to fall at a rate of 1.25 in. every two hours. How many inches of rain landed on the ground by 5:00 PM?
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6 inch

Ques:- The reasons you would like to work for bus company. You should also write to give any relevant information, which may have a bearing on your suitability to be a PCV driver.
Ques:- Are you lived at Delhi?
Ques:- The area of a square field 3136 sq m, if the length of cost of drawing barbed wire 3 m around the field at the rate of Rs.1.50 per meter. Two gates of 1 m width each are to be left for entrance. What is the total cost?
Ques:- Briefly describe your ideal job?
Ques:- Why you took 6 years to complete your graduation.
Ques:- Why are you want to leave your present Job?
Ques:- Draw close loopon propane refrigeration system
Ques:- Why you going to join in this company?
Ques:- Pipes P and Q would fill a cistern 18 and 24 minutes respectively. Both pipes being opened, find when the first pipe must be turned off so that the cistern may be just filled in 12 minutes?
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P’s one min work=1/18
Q’s one min work=1/24
P’s x min work+Q’s 12 min work = tank fully filled ( 1 )
x=9 min

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