Frigoglass Interview Questions, Process, and Tips

Ques:- Why are you interested working here?
Ques:- How would you convince your customer?
Ques:- How much of your education did you earn?
Ques:- What would you do if you were invisible for a day?
Ques:- salary is ‘s’ per month,’x’% of salary is given as bonus, if 3 months salary is s1,s2 & s3 then what is his salary.
Ques:- What do you always regret? or Do you have any regrets?
Ques:- To locate the position of any person on earth from space,how many satellites are required?
Ques:- What will be the next great improvement in search technology?
Ques:- Insert the missing number:
2, 4, 12, 48, 240, (…..)
A. 1920
B. 1440
C. 1080
D. 960
Ques:- Field experience, team handling skill, team players role, last jobs experience,job change reason.
Ques:- Tell me one thing you would change about your last job?
Ques:- The town of Paranda is located on Green Lake. The town of Akram is west of Paranda. Tokhada is east of Akram but west of Paranda. Kakran is east of Bopri but west of Tokhada and Akram. If they are all in the same district, which town is the farthest west?
Ques:- Why this company will choose you?
Ques:- The difference between the local value and the face value of 7 in the numeral 32675149 is
A. 5149
B. 64851
C. 69993
D. 75142
Ques:- if you are standing on a ballconi so what to do?
Ques:- What is your strenght and weeknesess.
Ques:- A man spends half of his salary on household expenses, 1/4th for rent, 1/5th for travel expenses, the man deposits the rest in a bank. If his monthly deposits in the bank amount 50, what is his monthly salary ?(a) Rs.500(b) Rs.1500(c) Rs.1000(d) Rs. 900
Ques:- The sum of the two digits of a number is 10. If the number is subtracted from the number obtained by reversing its digits, the result is 54. Find the number?
Ques:- A heap of coconuts is divided into groups of 2, 3 and 5 and each time one coconut is left over. The least number of Coconuts in the heap is?
Ques:- Which is the largest?
A. (125)^15
B. (5)^125
C. (625)^20
D. (25)^10
Ques:- What is the number of zeros at the end of the product of the numbers from 1 to 100?
Ques:- Mention what is the weight of the empire state building?
Ques:- What is the angle between the two hands of a clock when time is 8:30
Ques:- 10,9,60,90,70,66,?
Ques:- 1. Last exp. 2. Part time or full time 3. Typing speed 4. Why you wish to join?
Ques:- Why do you want leave your current job?
Ques:- You are a CA would you like to report to a B.Com having experience more than you
Ques:- (999)2 – (998)2 = ?
A. 1992
B. 1995
C. 1996
D. 1997
Ques:- Describe a time when your team did not agree?

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