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Ques:- Discussion about the java project
Ques:- Which of the following(s) is/are the characteristic(s) of UNIX?
A. Multi user
B. Multi tasking
C. Kernel Manages data
D. All of these
Ques:- Who was the author of the ‘Republic’ a famous classic?
A. Aristotle
B. Alexander
C. Plato
D. Heodotus
Ques:- What is data link layer in the OSI reference model responsible for?
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Datalink layer is further divided into two sub layers
1. M.A.C.(Media Access Control)
2. L.L.C.(Logical Link Layer)
Here the packets are converted into frames because to
assign meaning to bit and bytes
Main Responsibilities are
1. Framing
2. Physical Adderessing.
3. Flow Control and
4. Access Control

Ques:- Is it required to use 2 nos of body earthings to any machinethough if we use TP with E supply is provided to Machine?
Ques:- What is SVG-VML-3D ?
Ques:- Who was the founder of the Gupta dynasty?
A. Skandgupta
B. Samudragupta
C. Srigupta
D. Chandragupta I
Ques:- What are your main key strenghths & achievements?
Ques:- How would you convince a big brand of chocolate to sell a middle range of chocolate products?
Ques:- What are examples of interview answers that ask about attention to detail?
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I will reading IPad questions and Awsome

Ques:- What is mean by Abstract and Interface?
Ques:- The cycling of elements in an ecosystem is called
A. Biogeochemical cycles
B. Geochemical cycles
C. Geological cycles
D. Chemical cycles
Ques:- What are the more common pseudo-columns
Ques:- Can u explain biggest complexity in current project?
Ques:- What is GD&T and PPAP Documents?
Ques:- The easiest way to modify slightly a cell that contains a long label is to
A. Use an erase command to erase the cell and start over
B. Retype the correct entry
C. Use an edit command to edit the cell
D. None of these
Ques:- What is tree?
Ques:- Do you know dts in SQLSERVER 2000?
Ques:- Explain MeP designing?
Ques:- What are the different types of banking software applications are available in the Industry?

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