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Ques:- When Seeta made necklaces of either 16 beads, 20 beads or 36 beads, not a single bead was left over. What could be the least number of beads Seeta had?
A. 700
B. 710
C. 720
D. 740
Recent Answer : Added by Hakeem Nazia Begum On 2022-09-22 16:40:07:


Ques:- How many 3 digit numbers are those in between 100 and 300, having first and the last digit as 2?
A. 9
B. 10
C. 11
D. 12
Recent Answer : Added by unknown On 2022-03-09 16:39:56:


Ques:- How many times in a day, are the hands of a clock in straight line but opposite in direction?
A. 20
B. 22
C. 24
D. 48
Recent Answer : Added by Daniel On 2022-10-21 19:49:10:


Ques:- A man walks from 9.15 to 5.15 from monday to friday and 9.00 to 12.00 on saturday.Each day 0.45 min lunch. How much time he walks in a week
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:03:14:

39 hrs 15 mins..
he will not be having .45 mins for his lunch on saturday..

Ques:- Did you watched movies in your college life? How you used to commute for movies?
Ques:- What you will do if you earn million rupee in a day?
Ques:- World Golf Championship, 2007 has been won by?
Ques:- What is Team Player.
Ques:- What are your long term professional goals?
Ques:- What skills and qualifications do you bring to this position
Ques:- A wizard named Nepo says “I am only three times my son's age. My father is 40 years more than twice my age. Together the three of us are a mere 1240 years old.” How old is Nepo?
Recent Answer : Added by Chetan On 2021-07-16 09:53:52:

360 years old
Nepo’s son age = x
Nepo’s age = 3x
Nepo’s father age = 2*3x + 40

x + 3x + 6x + 40 = 1240
10x = 1200
x = 120

Nepos age = 3* 120 = 360 years

Ques:- Briefly describe your ideal job?
Ques:- . Who was the Chairman of drafting Committee to prepare adraft Constitution for India?(1) Dr. S. Radha Krishnan(2) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar(3) K.M. Munshi(4) B.N. Roy
Ques:- Current job in Shreesurya group
Ques:- 20 reasons for why I should hire you
Ques:- What are the dimensions of the standard brick?
Ques:- In pure milk if 20% replaced by water and in this again 20% is replaced by water and again 20% is replaced by water then what is the proportion of milk in that mixture
Ques:- By what % New price of wardrobe has to be increased to get original value, if it was decreased by 20%
Ques:- How many meters of carpet 50cm, wide will be required to cover the floor of a room 30m * 20m?
Recent Answer : Added by vignesh On 2021-03-02 17:09:32:

1200 meter

Ques:- 25 racehorses, no stopwatch. 5 tracks. Figure out the top three fastest horses in the fewest number of races?

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