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Ques:- How to achieve growth in marketing?
Ques:- Words Mortal Combat, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive and Doom have in common?
Ques:- 1/3 of girls , 1/2 of boys go to canteen .What factor and total number of classmates go to canteen.
Ques:- What is difference between NTFS and FAT
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NTFS — New Technology File System
Fat — file allocation table
NTFS having a quota, commpress system with securites base as
administrator giving, multipal user, groups, to set permission

Ques:- Three pipes X, Y and Z can fill a tank in 6 hours. After working at it together for 2 hours, Z is closed and X and Y can fill the remaining part in 7 hours. The number of hours taken by Z alone to fill the tank is:
Ques:- The average age 9 members of a committee are the same as it was 2 years ago, because an old number has been replaced by a younger number. Find how much younger is the new member than the old number?
Ques:- hi friend generally short forms are asked in Net Solutions paper.i m writing them below
Ques:- A number when, 28 subtracted from it reduces to its one third. What is the value of 50% of that number?
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x= 42

50 %of 42 = 21

Ques:- There is a safe with a 5 digit no. The 4th digit is 4 greater than the second digit, while 3rd digit is 3 less than 2nd digit. The 1st digit is thrice the last digit. There are 3 pairs whose sum is 11. Find the number.
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Ques:- How many years of experience you have in this field?
Ques:- Find out the wrong number in the series:
190, 166, 145, 128, 112, 100, 91
A. 100
B. 112
C. 128
D. 166
Recent Answer : Added by trace On 2022-01-16 17:19:50:

128 is incorrect. There is a difference of multiples of 3 in the number pattern, which starts at 24 and reduces by 3 each time. Therefore the correct pattern would read 190, 166, 145, 127, 112, 100, 91.
this would leave the pattern with differences in the pattern 24, 21, 18, 15, 12, 9. The next number in the pattern would be 6 lower than 91. 91 – 6 = 85. Then 85 -3 – 82, followed by 82 – 0 = 82. After this, if -3 were taken the pattern would start to rise so 82 – – 3 = 85.

Ques:- Which city is three fifth of China, two sixth of Canada and two third of Goa ?
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Ques:- Farmer Jones sold a pair of cows for Rs. 210. He made a profit of 10% on one, and on the other he lost 10%. Altogether he made a profit of 5%. How many did each cow originally cost him?
Ques:- If 70% of an equal to 40% of b, then ratio between a and b is?
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answer= 4:7

Ques:- 441 : 361 :: 729 : __
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Ques:- If Rs 20/- is available to pay for typing a research report & typist A produces 42 pages and typist B produces 28 pages. How much should typist A receive?
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Total Pages = 42+28 = 70 pages
for 70 pages we give Rs.20/-
and for 42 pages we give x
thus x = (42×20)/70
x = 12
The Answer = 12/-

Ques:- Tell me about your experience?
Ques:- A person is prisoned for 60 days . In that 60 days he earns rs.170.If he works he will get payed Rs.7 per day. If he doesn’t work Rs.3 he should pay to that prison.Find out how many days he worked.
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He will work for 35 days in 60 days to earn Rs.170 as per the condition

Ques:- A pipe can fill a tank in 30 min B can fill in 28 min then if 3/4 th of tank can be filled by B pipe and after wards both are opened then how much time is required by both the pipes to fill the tank completely.
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105/29 mins

Ques:- 6. Exp. in load testing?
Ques:- The speed of a boat in still water in 15 km/hr and the rate of current is 3 km/hr. The distance travelled downstream in 12 minutes is:
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Ques:- A person was asked to state his age in years. His reply was, “Take my age three years hence, multiply it by 3 and then subtract three times my age three years ago and you will know how old I am.” What was the age of the person?
Ques:- distance D=rt where r & t are +ve and r is constant,as t increses then D_________
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D also increases
D & T are directly proportional

Ques:- Why we hire you, being a fresher when at the same time wehave experinced professionals like CAs, MBAs line up?
Ques:- You are given with two identical iron bars. one of them is magnetized and the other is not. u are suppose to find which one is magnetized. u are not suppose to use any other thing.
Ques:- What are the values and beliefs guided your life so far and how do you see them influencing your future?
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The most important belief is belief in yourself. Believing in who you are and your abilities frees you to pursue goals and dreams without reservation and drives you forward with confidence, independence, autonomy and direction. Combine this conviction in yourself with a solid framework of inherent beliefs from the list above, and you have an unbeatable combination.

Ques:- What is 'Pressure' for you?
Ques:- In what ratio must be a grocer mix two varieties of tea worth Rs. 60 a kg and Rs. 65 a kg so that by selling the mixture at Rs. 68.20 a kg he may gain 10%?
A. 3 : 2
B. 3 : 3
C. 3 : 4
D. 3 : 6
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Required Ratio=3:2

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Since, there are 10 points on the circle and to draw a chord we need to connect any two points on the circle to make it a straight line, which implies that the number of chords = No of lines connecting any two points out of the 10 points

= 10C2 = 10*9/2 = 45 chords.

Ques:- A 6 inch length cylindrical through hole is drilled through the center of sphere, what will be the remaining volume of sphere ?

In this question only one data is given ie., hole length - 6". In the question there is no mistake.
Find the answer.
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volume of a sphere is 4/3 * pi * r^3
by drilling a hole 6 inches long the volume of the sphere is
not affected bcos the hole is a 1 dimension quantity..(say a
straight line) n so it does not have any value w.r.t volume…
hence the volume of the sphere does not change..

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