ENH iSecure Interview Questions, Process, and Tips

ENH iSecure is a cutting-edge cybersecurity firm renowned for its innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to protecting digital assets. Founded in 2010 by a team of seasoned experts in cybersecurity, ENH iSecure has quickly risen to prominence as a trusted partner for businesses seeking robust protection against cyber threats.

Specializing in a range of services including threat detection, incident response, vulnerability assessments, and security consulting, ENH iSecure offers tailored solutions to address the unique needs of each client. Utilizing advanced technologies and industry best practices, the company ensures that its clients remain one step ahead of cyber adversaries.

ENH iSecure's team of highly skilled professionals possesses deep expertise in cybersecurity, continually staying abreast of emerging threats and evolving tactics. This dedication to staying ahead of the curve enables the company to deliver proactive security measures that safeguard against both known and unknown risks.

Ques:- The average weight of a group of boys is 30 kg. After a boy of weight 35 kg joins the group, the average weight of the group goes up by 1 kg. Find the number of boys in the group originally ?
Recent Answer : Added by Vivek verma On 2021-08-25 14:15:38:

let no of boys in group is = x
then total sum = 30 * x
after joining one more boys with a weight of 35 kg the total sum is = 30x + 35
after joining the new student the weight will increase 1 kg
so total sum
30x + 35 = 31(x+1)
x = 4

Ques:- Find the odd man out:
10, 25, 45, 54, 60, 75, 80
A. 75
B. 54
C. 45
D. 10
Recent Answer : Added by Sai On 2022-03-09 16:28:43:


Ques:- If s(a) denotes square root of a, find the value of s(12+s(12+s(12+ …… upto infinity.
Ques:- Regarding Work, Experience, Education.
Ques:- What’ your family background?
Ques:- U r relevent or not?
Ques:- Can you talk about a person who inspires you and why?
Ques:- Members in the family
Ques:- Why you looking for the job now?
Ques:- A man took loan from a bank at the rate of 12% p.a. S.I. After 3 years he had to pay Rs. 5400 interest only for the period. The principal amount borrowed by him was?
Recent Answer : Added by ASIF ASLAM On 2022-08-14 16:46:32:


Ques:- Tell me about a time when you acted as a mediator to help colleagues resolve their differences.
Ques:- Least perfect square number, exactly divisible by 21, 36 and 56 is?
Ques:- How much of your education did you earn?
Ques:- The length of the bridge, which a train 130 m long and traveling at 45 km/hr can cross in 30 sec is?
Ques:- Family background & reason for leaving job
Ques:- How prepare our resume?
Ques:- The average age of three boys is 15 years and their ages are in proportion 3:5:7. What is the age in years of the youngest boy?
Recent Answer : Added by Vipul Shukla On 2022-01-08 16:05:02:

9 years
Bcz 3×3=9
Total = 45
Avg of this 45/3 = 15

Ques:- The length of rectangle is thrice its breadth and its perimeter is 96 m, find the area of the rectangle?
Ques:- Why would you like to join us?
Ques:- Two pipes A and B can fill a cistern in 20 and 30 minutes respectively, and a third pipe C can empty it in 40 minutes. How long will it take to fill the cistern if all the three are opened at the same time?
Ques:- Mr. Thomas invested an amount of Rs. 13,900 divided in two different schemes A and B at the simple interest rate of 14% p.a. and 11% p.a. respectively. If the total amount of simple interest earned in 2 years be Rs. 3508, what was the amount invested in scheme B?
Recent Answer : Added by Hari Shankar yadav On 2022-08-14 16:35:46:

In plan A 7500/- and other amounts in plan B

Ques:- Five boys were climbing a hill. J was following H. R was just ahead of G. K was between G & H. They were climbing up in a column. Who was the second?
Ques:- Why have you been out of work so long, and how many others were laid off?
Ques:- If I were to ask your present (most recent) employer about your ability as a____________________, what would he/she say?
Ques:- How did you know about this position/ vacancy?
Ques:- Describe one of your memorable day?how is education useful for any body?
Ques:- If an item costs Rs.3 in '99 and Rs.203 in '00.What is the % increase in price?(a) 200/3 %(b) 200/6 %(c) 100%(d) none of these
Recent Answer : Added by divya On 2022-11-14 17:04:22:


Ques:- Current Experience in the functional area

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