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Ques:- 1 monkey takes 3 min to eat 1 banana.how much time will 10 monkeys take to eat 10 bananas
Recent Answer : Added by Madhusudhan On 2021-12-09 18:40:11:

3 miutes

Ques:- Number Series 14,2,12,4,10,6,?
Recent Answer : Added by RAJESH DAMODARA On 2022-03-09 16:30:03:


Ques:- 9 cards are there. You have to arrange them in a 3*3 matrix. Cards are of 4 colors. They are red, yellow, blue and green. Conditions for arrangement: one red card must be in first row or second row. 2 green cards should be in 3rd column. Yellow cards must be in the 3 corners only. Two blue cards must be in the 2nd row. At least one green card in each row.
Recent Answer : Added by Biplab Nath On 2021-07-30 16:26:12:


Ques:- Given two billion distinct points on a plane such that no three are collinear. I color any half of them red and the Remaining blue. Is it always possible for you to join each red point to one (and Only one) blue point by means of line segments suc…
Ques:- A girl has 55 marbles. She arranges them in n rows. The nth row consists of n marbles, the (n-1)th row consists of (n-1) marbles and so on. What are the number of marbles in nth row?
Recent Answer : Added by DK BOSS On 2021-07-21 15:26:01:

answer 10

Ques:- If we declare a pointer like char *p; how much memory is allocated for pointer variable 'p'.
Ques:- What are the values and beliefs guided your life so far and how do you see them influencing your future?
Recent Answer : Added by DK BOSS On 2021-07-17 10:05:47:

The most important belief is belief in yourself. Believing in who you are and your abilities frees you to pursue goals and dreams without reservation and drives you forward with confidence, independence, autonomy and direction. Combine this conviction in yourself with a solid framework of inherent beliefs from the list above, and you have an unbeatable combination.

Ques:- Why I hire you and why i don't hire you?
Ques:- If PQRST is a parallelogram what it the ratio of triangle PQS & parallelogram PQRST
Ques:- Why do you want to work for this company?
Ques:- Why were you fired from your last job?
Ques:- What is full form of INDIA
Ques:- How will you justify you job?
Ques:- How do you see your self of becoming a leader?
Ques:- How do you evaluate success?
Ques:- If you have a chance to purchase shares of company will you purchase or not
Ques:- Two passenger trains start at the same hour in the day from two different stations and move towards each other at the rate of 16 kmph and 21 kmph respectively. When they meet, it is found that one train has traveled 60 km more than the other one. The distance between the two stations is?
Recent Answer : Added by Rudradeb Biswas On 2021-08-16 05:26:57:

Since the speed diff is 5km/h
It takes 12 hrs to cover 60 extra kms
Therefore in 12 hrs the total dist covered is
Relative speed×time=(21+16)×12=444 kms

Ques:- The C.P of 10 pens is equal to the S.P of 12 pens. Find his gain % or loss%?
Recent Answer : Added by abhishek On 2021-11-09 15:53:44:

1.7% loss

Ques:- A goods train runs at the speed of 72 km/hr and crosses a 250 m long platform in 26 sec. What is the length of the goods train?
Recent Answer : Added by Madhumati On 2021-11-13 11:02:30:


Ques:- What do you know about this organization?

Devendra Bhardwaj With a decade of experience as a Job Hiring Expert, I am a results-driven professional dedicated to elevating recruitment strategies. My expertise lies in navigating the dynamic landscape of talent acquisition, employing innovative approaches to attract, assess, and secure top-tier candidates. I excel in optimizing hiring processes, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and fostering collaborative relationships with stakeholders. A keen understanding of industry trends allows me to stay ahead, ensuring a competitive edge in securing the best talent for your organization. I am passionate about connecting the right people with the right opportunities and thrive in creating impactful, streamlined recruitment solutions.

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