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Ques:- What was the day of the week on 28th February, 1995?
A. Monday
B. Tuesday
C. Wednesday
D. Thursday
Recent Answer : Added by Abhay Chothani On 2022-05-17 08:55:25:

1600 years contain 0 odd day.
300 years contain 1 odd day.
94 years = (23 leap years + 71 ordinary years)
= (46 + 71) odd days
= 117 odd days, i.e., 5 odd days
Days from 1st January 1995 to 28th February 1995
= (31 + 28) days = 59 days
= (8 weeks + 3 days) = 3 odd days
∴ Total number of odd days
= (0 + 1 + 5 + 3) = 9 odd days i.e., 2 odd days.
So, the required day is Tuesday.

Ques:- 2056 x 987 = ?
A. 1896172
B. 1936372
C. 1923472
D. 2029272
Recent Answer : Added by Nirbhay Singh On 2021-12-20 03:54:47:


Ques:- Which of the following is not a prime number?
A. 43
B. 29
C. 23
D. 21
Recent Answer : Added by vaishnavi On 2022-10-07 17:19:01:


Ques:- Find out the wrong number in a given series.
644, 328, 164, 84, 44, 24, 14
A. 44
B. 84
C. 164
D. 328
Recent Answer : Added by Demelash On 2022-05-17 08:55:46:


Ques:- ‘Mango’ is related to ‘Fruit’ in the same way as ‘Potato’ is related to
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:03:24:

( d ) Root

Ques:- What do you expect from your future employer?
Ques:- How to tackle present job
Ques:- You have given 12 balls of identical shape and a weighing compares. There is one ball defective among them. How will you find out the defective one and whether it is light or heavy in less number of weighing.
Ques:- What is the worst or Most Embarrassing aspect of your Business Career? How would you have done things differently now with 20 20 hindsight?
Ques:- The average salary of three employee is $950 per week. If one employee earns $1150 and other earns $650 rupees, how much will third be earn?
Recent Answer : Added by nani Reddy On 2021-08-05 17:11:29:

avg sal of 3 is $950
first person earns=$1150
second person earns=$650
let thirdperson =x

Ques:- Working Experince
Ques:- Starting with your last job, tell me about any of your achievements that were recognized by your superiors?
Ques:- 9 years ago I was five times as old as my eldest son Today I am 3 times his age. HOW old am I now?
Recent Answer : Added by Aftab On 2022-11-09 16:47:00:

=> 3s = d
=> 5(s-9) = d

2s = 45

d= 67.5

Ques:- The average monthly salary of laborers and supervisors in a factory is Rs.1250 per month; where as the average monthly salary of 6 supervisors is Rs.2450. If the average monthly salary of the laborers is Rs.950 find the number of laborers?
Ques:- A certain sum of money doubles itself in 10 years in how much many years will it trible itself at the same rate?
Ques:- Two pipes A and B can separately fill a cistern in 60 min and 75 min respectively. There is a third pipe in the bottom of the cistern to empty it. If all the three pipes are simultaneously opened, then the cistern is full in 50 min. In how much time, the third pipe alone can empty the cistern?
Ques:- Simplify the 121 * 175 + 363 * 275
Ques:- Mention what is the weight of the empire state building?
Ques:- Balance the equation 101 – 102 = 1 by putting some operators in it?

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