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Ques:- Hi experts, For informatica developer, in real time, normally how much we use sql and plsql?
Ques:- Diff between jsp include directive and jsp action include?
Ques:- ____ is a member function of standard input istream.
A. Getsline ()
B. Line()
C. Get ()
D. Getline ()
Ques:- How to get the column count of a report?
Ques:- One thousand bytes is a
A. Terabyte
B. Gigabyte
C. Megabyte
D. Kilobyte
Ques:- Which of the following function used to adds the values in the function argument or the values in the all references in the argument?
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Ques:- What is the difference between the Client server application and a Web application
Ques:- How do you handle non-productive team members?
Ques:- What are the Merits and De-Merits of CURL library ?
Ques:- What is Range in Scala? How to create a Range in Scala?
Ques:- What license is joomla! Released under?
Ques:- write a Perl script to find a particular word in a paragraph???
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my $pat;
$pat=’Using push we can add multiple items into an array in
a single instance.
If we are trying to add a module or library files in
our program using require or use statement then it will
search that module or library files in the Perl’s default
search path.
The statement use lib is used to add the directories
to default search path.
So if the module or library file is not located in
the Perl’s default search path then it will find the
library files in the path we have given with the use lib
print “Pattern push get matchedn”;

Ques:- How to connect the .accdb database file of microsoft access to the Visual Basic 6.0 forms?
Ques:- What is difference between solaris single user mode and multi user mode ?
Ques:- What is Workgroup mode
Ques:- How can you create table in MS Word?
Ques:- Reason for Joining the organization.
Ques:- Differentiate CHAR_LENGTH and LENGTH?
Ques:- If anand is the father of Roopa then Anand is the ——-of Roopa’s father.
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Ques:- A computer has six tape drives, with n processes competing for them. Each process may need two drives. What is the maximum value of n for the systems to be deadlock free?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6
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B. 4

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