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Ques:- Find out the wrong number in a given series.
2, 6, 12, 72, 824
A. 6
B. 12
C. 72
D. 824
Recent Answer : Added by M.Ajith On 2022-09-15 16:38:44:


Ques:- In 1000 wine bottles stack 10 are poisoned given 10 rats what is the minimum number of tries to find the poisoned one. Rat dies once it licks the poisoned wine.
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2020-05-17 12:05:45:

Answer: 10
The best case happens ONLY when each rat dies just as they
taste the FIRST bottle given to them (you can imagine it a
miracle 😀 )
In this case, the very first 10 attempts reveal the
poisonous bottles. So the answer is 10.

Ques:- what is calander and do make it.
Ques:- What are the strong points of you that make you a Software Developer?
Ques:- What do you thimk about The President?
Ques:- What is supernatural power.
Ques:- Give an example of an instance when you had to coach someone.
Ques:- Describe a time when you had a disagreement with a colleague at work. How did you manage to work it out?
Ques:- Three types of tea the a,b,c costs Rs. 95/kg,100/kg and70/kg respectively. How many kgs of each should be blended to produce 100 kg of mixture worth Rs.90/kg, given that the quntities of band c are equala)70,15,15 b)50,25,25 c)60,20,20 d)40,30,30
Recent Answer : Added by Praveen Kumar On 2022-08-24 17:03:11:


Ques:- Asked about my family details?
Ques:- How many family members does your family comprises of?
Ques:- Can you work anywhere in state?
Ques:- A taxi driver was going the wrong way on a one-way road. A traffic police officer noticed him but instead of stopping him or fine him, he let the driver go. Why do you think that happened?
Ques:- A boat running upstream takes 8 hours 48 minutes to cover a certain distance, while it takes 4 hours to cover the same distance running downstream. What is the ratio between the speed of the boat and speed of the water current respectively?
Ques:- Find the missing number of the series 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, ..
Recent Answer : Added by Vishnu Das On 2021-10-13 14:55:31:

Answer is 16
1+(1) =2
2+(2) =4
4+(3) =7
7+(4) =11
11+(5) =16

Ques:- Three 6 faced dice are thrown together. The probability that all the three show the same number on them is -.
Ques:- A tank is filled by three pipes with uniform flow. The first two pipes operating simultaneously fill the tank in the same during which the tank is filled by the third pipe alone. The second pipe fills the tank 5 hours faster than the first pipe and 4 hours slower than the third pipe. The time required by the first pipe is?
Ques:- What was the biggest mistake of your life?

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