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This page contains the most recently asked technical questions and answers in the Body Care.

All of the questions listed below were collected by students recently placed at Body Care.

Ques:- Simran started a software business by investing Rs.50,000. After six months, Nanda joined her with a capital of Rs.80,000. After 3 years, they earned a profit of Rs.24,500. What was Simran’s share in the profit?
A. Rs. 10500
B. Rs. 10,250
C. Rs. 12,500
D. Rs. 14,000
Recent Answer : Added by Varshitha On 2022-06-20 11:27:40:


Ques:- What is your role in your organization?
Ques:- Technical languages known
Ques:- Given a credit card number with a certain number of fixed digits and a certain number of digit placeholders, find the number of solutions such that the entire number yields a remainder of 3 when divided by 13. Use properties of modulus
Ques:- You have 50 white beads and 50 black beads and you MUST put all of the beads into two bins (50 beads in each), how do you maximize your chance of choosing a white bead (from either bin)
Ques:- Due to fog, airplanes were unable to land and were circling the airport. Few airplanes are about to run out of fuel, what are the short term and long term measures you will take ?
Ques:- Under which writs the Courts sought to produce a person in the court suspected to be missing or in custody?
Recent Answer : Added by Mohammed Riyas On 2023-07-01 06:13:09:

habeas corpus

Ques:- What do you think about ?Abortion?
Ques:- What goals do you have in your career?
Ques:- About Job need
Ques:- About computer knowledge
Ques:- Are you comfortable for working 6 days?
Ques:- General and Technical
Ques:- Are you ready to leave India for work?
Ques:- A man shows his friend a woman sitting in a park and says that she the daughter of my grandmother’s only son. What is the relation between the two?
Recent Answer : Added by as On 2021-05-16 16:12:43:

brother and sister

Ques:- Find the missing number on the series 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, …., 17
Recent Answer : Added by shivangi sharma On 2022-08-14 16:42:27:

13 and 15

Ques:- A man can row at 5 kmph in still water. If the velocity of current is 1 kmph and it takes him 1 hour to row to a place and come back, Evaluate the distance of the place?
Ques:- Find the area of a square field whose diagonal of length 20 m?
Recent Answer : Added by KHUSHI UJJAWAL On 2022-05-17 09:08:34:

Diagonal of square=1.414* a, where a is side of square.

Ques:- P began business with Rs.45000 and was joined afterwards by Q with Rs.5400. When did Q join if the profits at the end of the year were divided in the ratio of 2:1?
Ques:- Three 6 faced dice are thrown together. The probability that exactly two dice show the same number on them is -.
Recent Answer : Added by Admin On 2022-09-28 18:05:55:

Let A, B and C be the three 6-faced dice.
Then, according to the question,
Since two dices has to be equal, that value can be any of the 6 faces, i.e., 6C1​ cases.
Now for each case, 2 equal dices can be selected from 3 dices in 3C2​ i.e., 3 ways.
And for each of the above, the third dice can have any of the 5 remaining faces
The possible outcomes are P(A)=61​,P(B)=61​,P(C)=65​,P(A)=61​,P(B)=65​,P(C)=61​ and P(A)=65​,P(B)=61​,P(C)=61​
Hence the required probability = 61​×61​×65​×6×3=21690​=125​

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