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Ques:- Sushil Kumar is associated with which of the following Games?
A. Archery
B. Swimming
C. Athletics
D. Wrestling
Ques:- What is W3c
Ques:- can i use the commands “modify” and Change in DB2 to alter my column datatype and its name in a table?
Ques:- Write a data structure to count number of connections on web server in last 1 minute.
Ques:- A school is going to have 1000 students in near future. 1/4th use scooter, 1/5th use bikes and 1/9th use cycle. Find the number of students at present.
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Ques:- how to connect cisco switch uisng perl script
Ques:- given 3 sorted arrays, array a, b, c. find all pairs where a[i] + b[j] = c[k] note : a, b , c are sorted arrays
Ques:- Why TMSADM user is used for? and can I change the password of the same if yes how to do that? If not why shouldnt we?
Ques:- Domains are represented by
A. Tables
B. Rows
C. Columns
D. None of these
Ques:- What is the built-in used for showing lov at runtime?
A. Deadly
B. Sluggish
C. Smooth
D. Unlawful
Ques:- What is Partitioning ? where we can use Partition? wht is advantages?Is it nessisary?
Ques:- What is your future planning?
Ques:- Hard disk drives are considered storage
A. Non-volatile
B. Non-permanent
C. Worthless
D. Temporary
Ques:- One of the four sentences given in each question is grammatically wrong. That alternative is your answer.
A. Gavaskar is the Bradman of India.
B. He hopes to secure good marks.
C. All the boy scouts wear half pants.
D. He feels bad about the defeat.
Ques:- PF and ESI deduction and employee and employer share
Ques:- Can you remember what is directory structure when you downloaded yii?
Ques:- To navigate to a new Webpage for which you know the URL, type that URL in the browser’s ___ and press Enter.
A. Address bar
B. Domain bar
C. Name button
D. Address button
Ques:- What resolution should I scan an image at in order for it to present well in PowerPoint?
Ques:- Select the option that describes a “type” in Object Oriented programming.

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