How to Crack General Aptitude Interview

My flight takes of at 2am from a place at 18N 10E and
landed 10 Hrs later at a place with coordinates 36N70W.
What is the local time when my plane landed.
a) 6:00 am b) 6:40am c)7:40 d)7:00 e)8:00

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In a class , except 18 all are above 50 years. 15 are below
50 years of age. how many people are there
a) 30 b) 33 c) 36 d) none of these.

A person has Rs 100/- in his pocket, he can as 25 pencils
or 15books.He kept 15% of the money for travelling expenses
and purchased 5 pencils.So how many books he can purchase
with the remaining money.
a) 4 b) 3 c) 5 d)none

A square plot of some size , at four corners equal squares
of some size are cut and is formed as open box. If this
open box carries 128ml of oil. What is the size of the
plate i.e. side a.17 b.14 c.13 d.none

In 1000 wine bottles stack 10 are poisoned given 10 rats
what is the minimum number of tries to find the poisoned
one. Rat dies once it licks the poisoned wine.

What is the number of zeros of the product of the first 100
numbers ?

In a grass field, If there are 40 cows, they could eat for
40 days. If there are 30 cows, they could eat for 60 days.
Than if 20 cows, How much day they could eat?
a) 60 b) 80 c)55 d)50

The total expense of a boarding house are partly fixed and
partly variable with the number of boarders. The charge is
Rs.70 per head when there are 25 boarders and Rs.60 when
there are 50 boarders. Find the charge per head when there
are 100 boarders?

a survey of 250 ppl found that 223 have tatoos,178 wore
leather,158 own harry davidson,151 wore tatoo and
leather,119 wore leather and own harley,142 have tatoo and
a harley, 103 have all the 3 items.draw a venn diagram n
explain how many
a)had only harley davidson?
b)had atleast 2 of the 3 items?
c) had none of the items?
d)had tatoos or were wearing leather?
e)were not wearing leather but did have tatoos and did own
a harley?
f)did not own a harley but did have tattoos or were wearing

Use Venn diagrams to answer each of the following
questions. You must show your Venn diagram for each
problem. 1. A survey of 80 sophomores at a certain
western college showed the following:
36 take English ,32 take history

32 take political science
16 take history and English

16 take political science and history ,14 take political
science and English

6 take all three
How many students:

a) take English and neither of the
other two? ____________

b) Take none of the three
courses? ____________

c) take history, but neither of
the other two? ____________

d) take political science and history but not English?

e) do not take political science?

3. A chicken farmer surveyed his flock with the
following results. The farmer


9 fat red roosters(male), 37 fat chickens 6 thin red

2 fat red hens , 7 thin brown hens ,5 thin red hens

26 fat roosters (total) ,18 thin brown roosters

Answer the following questions about the flock(HINT: in
your Venn diagram make a circle for fat, for male and for
red). How many chickens are:

a) fat? __________
b) red? ___________
c) male? _________

d) fat, but not male? _________
e) brown, but not fat? ________

e) read and fat? _________

a merchant surveyed 400 ppl.180 learned abt the sale of
radio,190 from TV,190 from newspaper,80 from radio and
TV,90 from radio and newspapers,50 from TV and
newspapers,30 from all the three sources.draw a venn
diagram n explain how many learnt
a) newspapers or radio, but not from both?
b) only from newspapaers?
c) from radio or television but not the newspaper?
d) from radio and television but not the newspaper?
e) from atleast two of the three media?

In 1991, was the number of people in City A three times
greater then the number of people in City B?

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can anybody solve this series 0,6,24,60,120,210,?,?
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. One train leaves Bangalore at 15 kmp heading for Mysore.
Another train leaves from Mysore at 20kmp heading for
Bangalore on the same track. If a bird, flying at 25kmp,
leaves from Bangalore at the same time as the train and
flies back and forth between the two trains until they
collide, how far will the bird have traveled?

the total expense of boarding house are partly fixed and
partly variable.the charge is rs 70 per head when there are
25 boarders and rs 60 when there are 50 boarders.find
charge per head when there are 100 boarders

The length of the base of a triangle is three times the
height. The area of the triangle is 24 square inches.
Find the length of the base of the triangle. (Area=1/2bh)

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A box consists of 12 poles and 7 pices of nets totally
weighing 1.75pounds. If each pole weighs .07 pound and each
piece of net weighs .12 pounds. What is the weight of empty box

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ninety customers of a discount store were asked about their
purchases during the past month.20 said they had purchased
books,45 had purchased film,38 had purchased jewellery,15
had purchased books and films,8 had purchased books and
jewellery,6 had purchased film and jewellery,3 had
purchased all the 3 articles.draw a venn diagram and answer
the questions
how many of these ppl had purchased
a)books or films but not jewellery?
b)books and film but not jewellery?
c)jewellery but not books or films?
d)at least one of the three articles?
e)exactly one of the three articles?

a campus radio station surveyed 190 students to determine
the type of music they revealed that 114 like
rock,50 liked jazz,41 liked classical music.14 liked rock
and jazz,15 liked rock and classical,11 liked classical and
jazz,5 liked all types of music.draw venn diagram n explain
how many
a) like rock only
b)like jazz but not rock?
c)like classical or jazz but not rock?
d)like classical and jazz but not rock?
e)like exactly one of the 3 types of music?
f)do not like any of the three types of music?
g)like at least 2 of the three types of music?
h)do not like either rock or jazz?