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Ques:- If only one of the LSL or USL isset, then it is the characteristic has a one-sided tolerance.
Ques:- Whats normal practices of the QA specialists with perspective of software?
Ques:- You were given a chance to implement either walkthroughs or inspections. Based on your personal experience which one would you choose? Please share your reasons.
Ques:- Which of the following statements about regression testing are true? (1) Regression Testing must consist of a fixed set of tests to create a baseline(2) Regressoin Testing should be used to detect defects in new features(3) Regression Testing can be run o
Ques:- As a tester what type of document req. on tester's banch to design the test cases and for executon.what will be the practical approch If we are using excel-sheet.through excel-sheet how tester communicat with developrs about the test cases and resut and what will be the cycle of testing betwen tester and developers.what type of MANGEMNT TOOL(like VSS) should be used (PLEASE IN DETAIL)by tester if he is workink in small company.
Ques:- Tell me about a time when you acted as a mediator to help colleagues resolve their differences.
Ques:- How do you react in a situation where you need to take an immediate decision? What process will you follow for decision making in such a critical situation?
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find out what is the problem and taking the bad out always works.

Ques:- Describe a time when everyone in the meeting was opposing your ideas. How did you manage to work it out?
Ques:- Have you ever faced a situation when you had to take a decision, which did not fall within in your area of responsibility? What decision did you make and how?
Ques:- What is the extension for QTP files?
Ques:- When was the last occasion you asked for direct feedback from a superior or a customer? How did you then use this knowledge to improve your personal performance?
Ques:- What are the advantages and disadvantages of Descriptive programing and Object repository in QTP??
Ques:- Tell me about a situation when you were given job instructions and you were unable to comprehend the instructions. How did you go about completing the task?
Ques:- Some people believe life is all about ?The survival of the fittest?. Today, others are suggesting, from new biological evidence, that life is in fact all about the '?The survival of the most cooperative?. What do you think?
Ques:- What is test design techniques ?
Ques:- What is B.V.A with brief example?
Ques:- Wat r d schedules for testing?
Ques:- What is Test Responsibility Matrix?
Ques:- Tell me about a time when you helped to successfully mediate in a conflict? How did you feel?
Ques:- In ordinal identifier there r 3 options available. Which one will be enabled first when ordinal identifier is invoked.
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