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There are 5 burglars and once went to a bakery to rob it
obviously The first guy ate 1/2 of the total bread and 1/2
of the bread. The second guy ate 1/2 of the remaining and
1/2 of the bread. The third guy ,fourth guy and fifth guy
did the same. After fifth guy there is no bread left out.
How many bread are there?

In a class of 40 students, 24 students speak Hindi and 20
students speak Kannada. Eight students speak none of the two
languages. How many students speak both Hindi and Kannada?

a group of friends goes for dinner and gets bill of Rs 2400
. Two of them says that they have forgotten their purse so
remaining make an extra contribution of Rs 100 to pay up
the bill. Tell the no. of person in that group

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