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1.BC CE EG GK ? a)KN b)KU c)KM d)None

2.AA AB BC CE? a)EG b)EH c)EI d)None

3.AB EF JK QR ? a)YZ b)ZA c)AB d)None


5.AC CG GO OE? a)EJ b)EI c)EL d)None

6.AE BH CM DU? a)EH b)EZ c)EB d)None

7.AD DP PL LV a)VS b)VK c)VI d)None

8.SE QU EN TI? a)CN b)BM c)AI or AZ d)None

4 cards are placed on a table, each card has two colors. U
don’t know the color of the back side of eachcard.4 persons
A B C and D are sitting on the table before the cards. They
can see Red, Green Red and blue .Out of the 4 poeple 2
always lie.
They see the color on the reverse side and give the
following comment
A: Yello/green
B: Neither Blue/nor Green
c: Blue/Yello
D: Blue/ Yello
find out the color on the other side of the 4 cards.

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