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10+ best software and programs for every Computer

Software is a basic need of a computer system, as there are many aspects for installing software in Windows PC. In case of new system you must install that software for security and privacy as well as doing basic works. However, you install or upgrade your Windows pc with newer one. Window 11 is the latest version of Operating System which is provided by Microsoft.

1. Internet Browser: Google Chrome


Google provides better products and Chrome is number one browser as it is the first choice of users. Google makes many changes and updates of Chrome for better user interface between websites and users. In addition to that Google provides extensions for better services including themes and all. Internet is basic need of a person and Chrome is the browser in all around the world. Most of the users have used this service at free of cost and it will be a default browser in most of the systems. Besides, there are other browsers in the market such as Firefox, Opera, and others.

2. Cloud Storage: Google Drive


If we require cloud storage than first option in our mind is Google Drive. However, it provides 15 GB free space for storage of documents and others setups. It will be more beneficial for most of the users, as they used normal data for their personal use. You can store your important documents in Google drive folder based on needs. You can store your important photos and documents. Moreover, Google Drive provides sharing facility of photos and documents as well.

3. Spotify for Music:


There are many options available on internet for listening music but a trustworthy platform is required to enjoy free time. Besides, Spotify is the best option for music streaming. It will reduce extra expenses because of buying individual albums. Windows platform is suitable for Spotify which also provide add free plans. Therefore, most of the Windows users have adopted Spotify for listening music. There are other option in the market that provides music such as Apple music, Youtube music, Amazon music, and others.

4. Office suite: WPS

WPS is the best software for free access of documents including word and excel as well as PDF. Most of the office versions are paid software but WPS is provide free modules as well. However, LibreOffice is also used for Windows PC. WPS provide paid services as well for their users. Therefore, users are comfortable in both the options.

5. Paint.NET: Image Editor

When you requires image editor there are many options in the internet but Paint.NET is the best option for Windows PC. In addition to that you can improve image quality and image editing. Besides, it is far better than Microsoft Paint. In addition to that you can mange shape and size of the picture using this software.

6. Malwarebytes :  Security Anti-Malware

Security is the first concern of most of the computer users. You have large amount of your data and information in your PC. Thus, you should install Malwarebytes in your Windows PC to secure them from viruses and warms. Moreover, it is a basic need of a system to protect them from various types of security attacks.

7. VLC: Media Player

VLC Media Player is most used media player in the Windows PC. Thus, you should download VLC for your Windows PC. Besides, it provides forward and backward option and other services. Moreover, VLC is the best software for playing local videos and audios. VLC supports multiple formats in audio and video formats.

8. ShareX:  Screenshots

Windows provides multiple options for screenshots but Share X provide additional features for edition and sharing that screenshot. It also added ruler, and color grabber. However, it is additional software for your PC but Share x provides better functions for image editors.

9. Win RAR: File Compression and Extraction

Windows provides zipped tools for basic requirements but it is not sufficient for a user. Win RAR is the best tool for file compression and extraction, as many software and large files create issues and transfer through internet. Thus, Win RAR can be used for reducing size of files as well.

10: TreeSize Free : Storage management

There are many issues with the storage in the Windows PC. Thus, you can use TreeSize Free software for managing various things in better manner that is related to storage management. It will be a better way to secure data in different drives and search will be more easy using this software.

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